Gorr is a god of the Orcine and the youngest of the four. Taking what he wants, Gorr is popular among impulsive raiders and wealthy subjugators. Ravenous and driven by hunger, Gorr commonly wanders the Yawning Hells to devour and torture souls that cross his path. When he's not on an eating rampage, he rules from his dining hall, Rygmus Manner, amid servants and other demons. Gorr is constantly starting fights with the other Orcine, and he's considered the most violent of the bunch.

Description Edit

Gorr takes many forms, his most common form being a bloated, fat orc. When assaulting the Yawning Hells, he takes the form of a titanic maggot with a bloated abdomen. His skin is covered in crusty mold, and dirt cakes the creases of his skin. His impish smile never leaves his face unless he's stuffing food into it.

Fleeing the Yawning Hells Edit

During a war with Gorr and his brothers, the Yawning Hells opened wide—the first time it had done so in centuries. Seizing the opportunity, Gorr broke away from the fight and charged towards the opening, attempting to flee the Yawning Hells and escape into the mortal world. The Yawning Hells snapped shut before Gorr could escape, but he managed to reach his hand through, keeping the Yawning Hells from closing all the way and allowing his influence to spill into the world.

Founding the Skall Nation Edit

Gorr found Endar Tahk, an orc who wandered too close to the Yawning Hells, and blessed him with the powers of an Abscessant. Endar used his powers to lure more orcs under Gorr's domain, focusing on orc tribes in the Skall Territories. With the orcs united under one banner, the Skall Nation was formed, and it heralded Gorr as its ultimate benefactor.